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Recent global disruptions have highlighted how important supply chains are to our national wellbeing and prosperity.

While businesses, workers and community organisations are at the forefront of the nation's supply chains, governments play an important role through appropriate policy settings and information sharing. Our teams are based across Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Australian government has a critical role to play in protecting our national supply chains. Government policy settings are crucial to ensuring that our supply chains are resilient and able to withstand shocks. By ensuring that our supply chains are protected, federal and state policies can help to ensure that Australia remains a safe and secure place to live and work.

Criticality of national supply chains

Australian government policy settings are critical to protect our national supply chains. They provide the framework for how businesses operate and how they are regulated. This is especially important in the current environment, where we are seeing unprecedented global challenges that are affecting supply chains.

The policy settings provide certainty for businesses and investors, and help to create an environment that is conducive to business growth. They also ensure that our supply chains are resilient and can withstand shocks. Australia has a long history of working with other countries to ensure our supply chains are robust and efficient. We have strong relationships with key trading partners, and our policy settings reflect this. We also have a number of initiatives in place to promote supply chain resilience, such as the National Supply Chain Resilience.

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Supply Chain Resilience

Risk Assessment

Policy Advice

Scenario Modelling & Analysis

Defence Supply Chain

Circular Economy

Sectoral Supply Chain Analysis

Import/Export Supply Chains

Our Team's Experience:

The importance of collaboration between governments, businesses, unions and community organisations

  • Impact analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Supply chain policy advice
  • Supply chain mapping and assessment
  • Helping business understand the legislative and regulatory settings that impact their supply chains

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