Retail Supply Chain Consulting Services
for In-Store and Online Retail

For retail executives today, a current focus area is in designing optimal fulfilment strategies to establish scalability in cost-to-serve.

This typically involves determining the most appropriate route to market for various product and customer groups – balancing for both cost and ‘rapid fulfilment potential’.

trace. can help you design and build your optimal retail supply chain for both in-store and online with our team of expert supply chain consultants. In assessing supply chain options retailers can often uncover both short-term ‘quick wins’ as well as longer-term strategic opportunities. There are many levers that retail executives can deploy to drive such benefits including; review of network footprints, streamlining fulfilment routes, investing in planning technology and warehouse automation capabilities.

In-Store & Online Retail – Example Services.

As one of the top retail supply chain consulting services in the country, there are a number of specific services trace. can offer to ensure that your business is building a robust and supply chain.

Supply Chain Strategy

Cost to Serve & Channel Optimisation

Demand & Replenishment Planning

Network Footprint Design

Warehouse Fulfilment Design

Supplier & 3PL Management

Sales & Operations Planning

Reverse Logistics Optimisation

Our Retail Supply Chain Consulting Experience:

Our retail supply chain consultants have worked across a number of different industries, using their expertise to develop both short and long-term supply chain strategies. These strategies have helped streamline retail supply chains for a range of top businesses, including:

How can I leverage my assets, infrastructure and capability?

Availability - How much inventory should I carry?

  • Planning & Demand Forecasting
  • Replenishment & Safety Stock Methodologies 
  • Inventory Visibility Systems (e.g. WMS)
  • Ranging & Working Capital Decisions
  • Service Level & Cost Optimisation

Responsiveness - Where should I carry my inventory?

  • # of Stocking Locations
  • Network Design (# of DCs, FCs, Dark Stores, Store Pick-up)
  • Network Footprint – e.g. Hub and Spoke
  • Infrastructure & Capability (Automation, Click & Collect, etc.)
  • Store Network & Fulfilment Options