Property, Hospitality & Services

New supply chain models are emerging across Property, Hospitality & Services

trace. has extensive experience in deploying tangible and pragmatic solutions for clients – to help large commercial property landlords, hospitality precincts and service providers mitigate traffic congestion, ensure back of house safety, drive cold chain compliance, improve service levels and lower total cost-to-serve.

Example services across this sector:

  • Optimising ‘back of house’ logistics and cost-to-serve,
  • Dock safety and traffic management,
  • Food safety, cold chain and HACCP compliance
  • Enabling ‘outlet’ or ‘store’ ready deliveries,
  • Establishing micro-fulfilment hubs and click & collect locations
  • Valuing property from a supply chain operational and last-mile perspective
  • Menu engineering and make vs. buy optimisation
  • Supplier management (inc. modern slavery compliance)

Property, Hospitality & Services – Example Services.

Loading Dock Operations

Cost to Serve Optimisation

Carpark Strategy

Online Retail Footprint

Back of House Logistics

Central Stores & Space Strategy

Kitchen & HACCP Controls

Ghost Kitchen Strategy

Our Team's Experience:

For 3PL Executives the question is transitioning from “Where should I invest in my assets, infrastructure and capability?” towards “Are the new entrants (e.g. P2P drivers) a potential partner or forever competitor?”

What might the future of outsource partnerships look like?

  1. Lower dependence on the ‘one stop shop’ providers – driven by greater proliferation of participants in the eco-system
  2. Greater reliance on technology – to support transition form ‘one to one’ to ‘many to many’ relationships (e.g. integration with the ‘gig economy’)
  3. Highly dynamic with real-time interaction – often ‘on-demand’, consumption-based tapping into otherwise ‘dormant’ capacity

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