Maximise Your Business Potential with Effective Supply Chain Strategy Consulting

Our team has extensive experience in partnering with boards, c-level executives and supply chain leaders to model, design and develop optimal supply chain strategies - influencing asset profiles, structures and operating models that enhance customer value propositions, whilst balancing costs and capital.

The demands on a supply chain evolve over time.

What was a perfectly appropriate design for a business some years ago, may no longer be appropriate. 

Supply chain requirements i.e. assets, infrastructure, coverage & capabilities – can change due to:

  • Demand changes (e.g. growth or softening demand)
  • Changing consumer expectations 
  • Resilience considerations (inc. sourcing changes, i.e. off-, re- and on-shoring)
  • Transport & distribution changes (labour agreements, facility costs, etc.)
  • M&A activity (consolidations, acquisitions, divestments, etc.)
  • Product, channel or market changes (e.g. online fulfilment)

This is why it is important to review and update your supply chain strategy or create a strategy that can adapt and evolve as your business does. trace. provides a supply chain strategy consulting service that draws on years of experience from our expert team, to develop resilient supply chains.

"Many supply chains are perfectly suited to the needs that the business had 20 years ago." - MIT Professor Jonathan Byrnes

Network Optimisation

Network and channel optimisation

This type of project typically involves:

  1. Mapping and modelling an organisations assets, infrastructure, and capabilities – and its ability to support its strategy and customer value proposition - today and in the future.
  2. One outcome of this is for management to establish a clear baseline understanding of the organisations supply chain and the sensitivities across current service levels and operating costs (fixed, variable and transport) – across its various nodes. This often enables immediate decisions to be made on channels, products, and geographies. 
  3.  Additionally, scenario modelling can be deployed to move from the baseline (current state) to test in advance a variety of supply chain strategies for example, what if we…. Closed / Consolidated warehouses? Re-shoring production sites? Changed distribution points? Introduced Dark Stores? etc.

The above network and channel optimisation projects typically requires modelling software.

At trace. we have a range of network optimisation tools at our disposal with varying degrees of granularity, dynamisms, and data requirements.  

  • We have 2 proprietary in-house designed and developed supply chain network optimisation toolsets, “Node Finder” and “Response Finder”. These are genuine optimisation toolsets using an OpenSolver engine, and they have been proven many times over on client engagements. 
  • We also have existing partnerships with commercial best-of-breed toolsets including LLamasoft, JDA/Blue Yonder and Ortec. 

Our Services.

Our supply chain strategy consulting services are only part of how we can help optimise your business and improve your supply chain. Our consultants specialise in a number of areas, including developing sustainable, carbon-conscious supply chains and assisting your business through a change management piece. We also offer consultancy services around planning and operations for a range of industries, assisting in developing warehousing and distribution operations and creating optimal organisational designs for different businesses. Workforce planning is another service that our consultants provide.

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