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Establish your supply chain as a source of competitive advantage.

trace. is a supply chain consulting firm. Our team of expert supply chain consultants specialise in strategic planning and operational model design, covering the end to end supply chain - from demand planning, sales & operations planning (S&OP), procurement, workforce planning, warehousing and transport. We are proficient in data analysis, scenario modeling, business case development, and implementation. Committed to advancing your supply chain processes and supply chain technology, we can help your business today.

Our approach is fact-based, hypothesis-driven, and structured. Your partners in performance.

Our Sectors

As supply chain consultants, we support clients across a variety of sectors, including Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, Health & Aged Care and Government.

trace. have a proven track record of delivering sustainable capital, cost & service results for clients in both the private and public sectors. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and commercial supply chain consultants, strategic problem solvers and data analytics & supply chain technology experts. Working across a range of different industries from Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, F&B, Mining, Health, Aged Care, Government and Defence, our team of supply chain consultants are well placed to help your business. Your partners in supply chain performance.

In-Store & Online Retail

For retail executives today, a current focus area is in designing optimal fulfilment strategies to establish scalability in cost-to-serve.
This typically involves determining the most appropriate route to market for various product and customer groups – balancing both cost and ‘rapid fulfilment potential’. In assessing options, organisations can often uncover short-term ‘quick win’ outcomes by streamlining fulfilment routes as well as inform strategic investments for the future such as automation, network design, etc.

trace. has extensive experience across network strategy & optimisation, cost-to-serve modelling, channel-to-market strategy, demand planning, sales & operations planning and logistics provider setup & management. We are supply chain consultants that will work alongside you and your teams until tangible, sustainable results are delivered.

FMCG & Manufacturing

Supply chain management has its roots in manufacturing and FMCG.
In today's world of increasing input costs, longer lead times and greater customer expectations, getting supply chain management right in these sectors is even more important. Meeting the needs of customers, getting the most out of assets and ensuring smooth operations are the heart of this challenge.

trace. can help you build an effective sales and operations planning process, supported by the right planning capability.

Australian manufacturers need to look at ways to improve their supply chains if they want to compete on a global stage. This means working with suppliers to ensure quality and timeliness of deliveries, as well as looking at how they can add value to their products. We are supply chain consultants that will work alongside you and your teams until tangible, sustainable results are delivered.

Property, Hospitality & Services

New supply chain models are emerging across Property, Hospitality & Services
trace. has extensive experience in deploying tangible and pragmatic solutions for our clients – whether you are a large commercial property landlord, integrated resort, hospitality precinct or service provider. We can help your business mitigate traffic congestion, ensure back-of-house safety, drive cold chain compliance, improve service levels and lower total cost-to-serve.

We bring a unique perspective to measuring a property's productivity - analysing a facility or precinct from a supply chain standpoint. Insights are driven by analysing truck volumes, product flows, storage capacities, back of house vs. front of house space, order volumes, waste, customers, etc. We are supply chain consultants that will work alongside you and your teams until tangible, sustainable results are delivered.

Health & Aged Care

The COVID 19 pandemic has exposed the fragility in our health and aged care sectors.
We need a step change in capability and performance in the supply and service chains supporting these important sectors, if we are to meet the increasing needs of an ageing population. Global healthcare supply chains are under pressure and beginning to crumble under the weight of digital business, shifting customer demands and new competition. Healthcare policy changes also impact budget, capacity and regulatory constraints, forcing companies to innovate and evolve their supply chain models.

trace. is passionate about building workforce planning and scheduling capability within the health & aged care sectors – to enable a sustainably better standard of care for our elderly.
We are service chain consultants that will work alongside you and your teams until tangible, sustainable results are delivered.

Government & Policy

Recent global disruptions have highlighted how important supply chains are to our national wellbeing and prosperity.
While businesses, workers and community organisations are at the forefront of the nation's supply chains, governments play an important role through appropriate policy settings and information sharing. The Australian and state governments have a critical role to play in protecting our national supply chains. Government policy settings are crucial to ensuring that our supply chains are resilient and able to withstand shocks.

At trace. we use real world experience in working closely with our clients and deeply understanding their challenges and opportunities to inform and support government with policy decisions. We are supply chain consultants that will work alongside you and your teams until tangible, sustainable results are delivered.

Our Experience

We offer supply chain consulting services to businesses across Australia. Our team draws on their extensive experience in the public and private sectors to deliver results.
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Our Services

We offer a number of different services that fall within the larger umbrella of supply chain consultancy.

Strategy & Network Design

Our team has extensive experience partnering with boards, c-level executives and supply chain leaders to model, design and develop optimal supply chain strategies and operating models.
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Planning & Operations

Planning is at the heart of all supply and service chains. The ability to successfully convert information into action, whether delivering a product or providing a service, is key to the success of any organisation.
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Warehousing & Distribution

We work closely with our clients to understand their optimal warehouse & distribution requirements. A well-designed warehouse, cross-dock facility or fulfilment centre is able to drive competitive advantage.
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Workforce Planning, Rostering & Scheduling

The aged care sector is under immense pressure to deliver quality care to an ageing population. Workforce planning is critical to ensuring that the sector has the right mix of skills and experience to meet the needs of older Australians.
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Resilience & Risk Management

Australian supply chains are under pressure as businesses grapple with the challenges of a volatile global market. In this environment, resilience is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.
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Organisational Design, KPIs & Policies

trace. can help design an organisational structure that aligns your supply or service chain strategy and operational processes, drives accountability for targeted areas, and considers relevant centralisation opportunities.
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Project & Change Management

Project management is key because it ensures the efficient use of resources, effective communication, and timely completion of projects, ultimately contributing to an organisation's success and competitive advantage.
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Supply Chain Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, we exist to help you help the world do better. Over 60% of global emissions can be traced back to supply chains – it is one of the biggest levers that we have to combat climate change.
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We work side-by-side with our clients through both the business case and implementation process to transfer knowledge, upskill our clients’ teams and ensure sustainable results are delivered.

Our team of supply chain consultants combine their years of experience and the latest supply chain technology and supply chain process to provide you with a proven solution that delivers.

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