Queen's Wharf Brisbane's Supply Chain

June 30, 2023

Queen's Wharf, Brisbane

The trace. team are honoured to partner with The Star Entertainment Group to implement a supply chain operating model that will help shape one of Queensland’s most iconic tourist and entertainment destinations - The Star's Queen's Wharf Brisbane. Together in partnership with Shaun Micallef, Senior Manager of Supply Chain - Brisbane and his team, trace. are helping to implement safe and efficient supply chain operations for the Food & Beverage, Hotels, Consumables, Residential and Retail Outlets that will improve service, enhance supplier collaboration, minimise cost to serve, and contribute to mitigating safety & congestion risks.

As part of the program the trace. team have contributed to the design, development and implementation of a range of new processes and technology solutions for the supply chain operations of the new precinct.

"It is an exciting time for Queensland, particularly with Queens Wharf Brisbane and its surrounding infrastructure coming online well ahead of the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. We are supporting the Pre-Opening team at The Star to deliver an end to end supply chain operating model that is transformative in nature for the Hospitality industry. trace. are helping to shape the supply chain infrastructure and operational capabilities for the future F&B & Hospitality Outlets - touching on all areas from planning, ordering, receipting, processing, storage, supplier management, and KPI reporting." said Shanaka Jayasinghe, Partner at trace.

About trace.

trace. is a leading supply chain solutions provider committed to helping businesses optimise their supply chain operations through innovative processes and advanced technology. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and collaboration, trace. partners with organisations across various industries to deliver tailored, end-to-end solutions that drive success and growth.

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