New Starter Reflection: Abby Hodgkiss

May 17, 2024

Meet Abby Hodgkiss, Consultant - Sydney

As the latest addition to the growing team here at trace., I am delighted to share my initial impressions of the team, the passion and drivers of the company and what it is like to work here! As a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences degree, I wanted to begin my career in a company and industry which would fulfil my passions for problem solving, creative ideation, supporting clients through empathetic communication, and all in a collaborative, innovative and welcoming culture. I think it is safe to say I could not have landed a better position for just that!

Company culture

We all know that company culture is so much more than knockoff drinks and the occasional social activity. My first week has seen me meeting 1 on 1 with every member of the company, including partners Mathew, James and Shanaka who are nothing but smiles, encouragement and passion for their business and their team. I’ve jumped into many meetings, regularly given my input, contributed to work and proposals, and been lined up for delivery teams on upcoming projects. I feel the beauty of joining the small and growing team at trace. is that everyone is contributing and greatly passionate about all client work. The team appreciates all fresh ideas and perspectives, connecting on a friendship basis and are incredibly supportive. They celebrate every win, every completed proposal and bounce hopes and excitement off each other about all new opportunities, and back it with hard work and collaboration to make it happen.

Breadth of work

Utilising and refining the breadth of skills I learnt through my degree is important to me, but combining this with my passion for helping others and making technical concepts intuitive through clear and empathetic communication is key to me as well. My role at trace. involves all of these, including performing data analysis and drawing out key trends to optimise business practices, working directly with C-suite and operational employees in our client’s businesses. I am excited by the opportunity to bring forward my own ideas and see these incorporated into our processes, offerings or marketing opportunities. There is a large scope to utilise my programming skills in internal projects and to build tools for clients. As you can tell, there is plenty of opportunity for getting involved in a wide variety of undertakings and I certainly have not had a boring moment since commencing with trace.

We are all ‘people people’

From my first interview through to now, I have always felt comfortable, valuable and happy conversing with company employees and partners alike. This is not only beneficial news for future trace employees, but for our clients to know that the team supporting them with all of their supply and service chain needs are ‘people people’, collaborative, innovative and passionate about every project we work on. This is definitely a space to watch and I cannot wait to see where trace. goes next!

Abby Hodgkiss


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