Supply Chain Visibility

October 16, 2023

Unlocking End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility for ANZ Executives

Visibility remains a pivotal aim for supply chain professionals across Australia and New Zealand. The merits, ranging from cost reduction to customer satisfaction enhancement, have been extensively highlighted. So, what impediments are businesses encountering on their journey to achieve full visibility? Here are three prominent reasons:

  1. Incomplete Implementations: Many aim for comprehensive visibility while designing new supply chain processes. However, real-world challenges, such as budget constraints or shifting priorities, lead to only partial solutions being executed. This often leaves teams grappling with less-than-ideal systems.
  2. Prohibitive Integration Costs: It's not uncommon to witness projects where integration expenses – be it among ERP systems, supplier platforms, financial tools, or reporting instruments – skyrocket. This becomes a formidable barrier, making visibility an expensive endeavour.
  3. Fragmented Systems with Siloed Reporting: ERPs might trace inventory up to a point. But, once the inventory moves – say to a warehouse, branch, or vehicle – that traceability diminishes. The item, though dispatched, is no longer under systematic surveillance.

Yet, the landscape is not devoid of practical solutions. For instance, a food and beverage client, striving to amplify supplier performance and enhance DIFOT metrics, sought a system to monitor supplier efficacy. While a comprehensive ERP deployment was on the horizon, they needed an immediate remedy. We, at trace, employed the Microsoft PowerApps suite to craft a tool for their Loading Dock personnel. This tool not only pinpointed delivery discrepancies but also integrated seamlessly with existing systems, presenting real-time supplier performance insights.

Harnessing Pragmatic Solutions with trace

The case mentioned above epitomises how immediate, tactical solutions can fulfil the supply chain vision of unhindered visibility. At trace, our seasoned professionals assist ANZ clients, offering tools and strategies tailored to unique challenges. Rapid benefits can be harvested through platforms like Microsoft PowerApps, with more expansive, investment-heavy solutions considered subsequently.

Intrigued by our approach and keen to delve deeper?

Reach out to the trace team today. Let's explore success stories and how we can collaborate to enhance your supply chain visibility.

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