Why CFOs and Supply Chain Officers need each other, more than ever

March 13, 2023
During times of economic uncertainty,CFOs will look to key levers in an organisation.

The supply chain has several key levers for CFOs, particularly in uncertain times where operating expenses and working capital must be carefully managed. The figure below highlights ‘key metrics in the mind of a CFO’ and the level of influence a supply chain typically will have on such metrics.

Supply Chain Lever Benefits vs. Implementation Complexity - Balancing supply chains short-term vs. long-term opportunities

In assessing how to deploy resource and capital, CFOs must balance anticipated benefits vs. implementation complexity and costs. The figure below highlights for typical example projects this relative equation.

SPOTLIGHT - Supply Chain and Warehouse Network Optimisation & Design

Allocating capital, deploying assets and positioning inventory well in a supply chain network is critical to delivering the right service at the right cost. Supply chains often evolve organically and for some organisations, become awkward collections of sites, sources and inventory.

Network Design is a strategic review – often at board and c-suite level – where a retailer is seeking to lock in their network footprint, asset profile, infrastructure and capabilities decisions for the future. It clearly pays to get these decisions right and the consequences of getting them wrong often can result in years, if not decades of pain.

Scenario modelling is a practice trace. has strong capabilities in. We are here to assist retailers determine – what is the optimal network for their business? Our approach to network design is detailed in the figure below and has been proven over decades using both our own inhouse developed ‘tactical scenario modelling software’ as well as ‘best breed’ network design technologies’.

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